FurroLandia Hemp Calming Dog Treats

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Help your anxious dog feel calm and relaxed.

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furrolandia hemp calming dog treats

Do you find it hard to get your dog to fall silent while he or she is nervous, anxious, or hyper-aggressive? Does it seem impossible to find a solution? As human beings, stress amongst dogs is inevitable at a certain point in time. Anxiety is much more common for dogs than you would expect, and holding them at bay can also be overwhelming. That's why many pet owners prefer to buy the right relaxing treats/soft chew for dogs on a daily basis.

Dogs can be energetic, enthusiastic, and hyperactive, often times making it difficult for you to handle them. Illness, fatigue, or something else may be the root cause of this disruptive behavior. So what exactly do the calming treats do?

What are Calming Treats?

Can't stand to see your dog sobbing, whimpering, and barking endlessly when exposed to unpleasant situations? When your four-legged partner feels overwhelmed and nervous, he can act erratically by snarling, urinating uncontrollably, shaking, hiding, or showing disruptive actions. These habits are usually activated if the doggie is introduced to loud sounds, unfamiliar locations, or a visit to a vet.

natural & calming ingredients

Calming supplements are specially formulated to cope with this issue frequently faced by pet owners. Typically, these treats can be offered to your dogs two to three times a day. They include safe and organic ingredients that include vitamins, chamomile, roots, hemp oil, and more. Consider including them in your dog's diet.

Furrolandia has done a great job and made life convenient for dog owners since their medicine comes in the form of a delicious treat. In addition to this, these chews are made of pure cold-pressed hemp oil, which is a natural, toxin-free substitute to canine pharmaceuticals. So if you have a stubborn pup who doesn't like taking drugs, see how Furrolandia Stress & Anxiety hemp will fix your dilemma.

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Tasty Treats

Dogs have a good sense of taste and scent. They may avoid taking any medication that you give if it doesn't seem appealing. Furrolandia hemp treats for dogs smell and tastes like crispy bacon. It would make it much easier for you to give your dog a dose of hemp medication as it tastes like snacks that your furry partner will surely enjoy. The treats are gentle and easy to chew, making them suitable for dogs with sensitive teeth and gums.

hemp chews serving size furrolandia

Mega Value

Furrolandia treats come in a wide 12 oz bucket with 170 nutritious treats inside, which is more than what you can typically expect from other identical pet treatments available on the market! Dosage is one chew for dogs under 10 pounds, two chews for dogs between 110 to 30 pounds, three chews for dogs between 31 to 60 pounds, four chews for dogs between 61 to 90 pounds, and five chews for dogs over 90 pounds.

Active Ingredients

Furrorlandia natural relaxation treats for dogs assist with aggressive behaviors by encouraging peaceful, relaxed emotional concentration. These Herbal remedies for dogs are infused with additives not contained in other anxiety-relieving formulae, including active ingredients of Hemp Seed Meal, Passion Flow, Valerian, Hemp Oil, Chamomile, L-Tryptophan, and Magnesium, along with 74 different organic minerals.

The hemp derivative used to produce Furrolandia hemp treats is 100% organic. Plants are grown in a regulated and authorized setting in the USA. No pesticides or GMOs are used in the plant breeding process.

Furrolandia's hemp chews are allergen-free, so it's safe to offer to your dogs suffering from skin inflammation, sensitive bowels, and itchy noses.

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Ideal For All Dogs

As per the dosage of these dog chews, they are suitable for dogs of any breed. Smaller dogs will add up to 170 days of anxiety medication from a single bottle, while very big dogs can only get about 30 days worth of medication. Yet, the chance to build relaxed peace of mind for your dog is always worth it. Whether you own a teacup chihuahua or a huge pitbull, Furrolandia relaxing hemp treats will help keep your dogs happy, disciplined, and under control.

superior benefits

What conditions do Furrolandia Hemp Treats deal with?

Furrolandia hemp treats are very flexible since they can be used for almost any condition your dog faces.

For instance, delicious treats offer easy stress relief for dogs suffering from discomfort in a loud environment or isolation from their owners. The Chamomile Extract in Furrolandia treats decreases insomnia symptoms as it soothes your pet when they are depressed. Furrolandia's hemp chews are perfect for dogs who are violent as the drug boosts their mood and prevents anxiety.

170 chews furrolandia

Often depression is caused by inflammation of the intestines. Anti-inflammatory effects and essential fatty acids mitigate the symptoms of this swelling and enhance your furry partner's general mood.

Another benefit of anti-inflammatory properties is that it offers pain relief for dogs suffering from arthritis, muscle cramps, and swollen gums. These soft chews can help to relax your dog so that it can bear unpleasant circumstances peacefully, such as long road rides, visiting new locations, or a striking sound of thunderstorms.


● 100% organic and effective

● It contains essential oils.

● Ideal for all kinds of dogs

● It does not contain allergens.

● Animal cruelty-free

● Dogs enjoy the taste.

● It comes in various flavors.

● No drowsy symptoms


● Has a strong smell.

● It doesn't fit some dog breeds

● It can cause hyperactivity.

● Can lead to diarrhea

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premium calming treats for your dog


To sum it up, Some dog breeds are more fearful than others. Whether you are an owner of a naturally nervous type or a dog that's only afraid of fireworks, every responsible pet owner needs to make their dog calm and stay relaxed under tense circumstances.

Most dogs are picky eaters. It might be that they can smell chemicals in certain foods and drugs. Taste and scent will put them away very quickly. However, the Furrolandia hemp calming treats for dogs can help with this.

Fortunately, the Furrolandia hemp treats ingredients are all-natural and have a good taste that your dog will love and enjoy. Each chew contains a lot of beneficial curing properties. They're safe to give your lovely dog every day since they're so nutritious and healthy. It could even give a shinier coat to your furry partner.

By treating your dog with the recommended regular dosage of anxiety medications, you will guarantee that they are relaxed and subdued in conditions that make them nervous.

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Note: The information given here is not intended to be any kind of medical diagnosis. We are not doctors, but we are fellow dog lovers. Any information given in these articles are meant to be for educational purposes only. As with anything, we advise that you try any new product in a small amount and see how your pet reacts. Pets are living biological beings just like humans, so they may not necessarily react the same. It is possible for a pet to have an allergic reaction. Please don't load them up with a new product without paying attention to how they react.


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