FurroLandia Hemp Hip & Joint Dog Treats

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Let Your Dog Say Bye-Bye To Hip And Joint Pain Forever!

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furrolandia hemp hip and joint dog treats

Are swollen and aching knees hindering your dog from being the strongest companion on their own? Joint and hip issues tend to be an older dog's concern, but in fact, around 20% of adult dogs over the age of 1 are afflicted by some form of chronic joint pain related to disorders such as osteoarthritis.

Painful knees are detrimental to dogs whose best days revolve around recreation and movement. Chronic suffering also has a huge effect on the quality and duration of life. Keep the dogs playing happily far into old age with FurroLandia's Hemp Hip & Joint Treats for Dogs!

These chews not only help to alleviate joint and hip pain your dog is suffering from, but they vigorously improve their wellbeing by encouraging the formation of collagen and cartilage.

maximum strength hip & joint

Offer your dog the blessing of vitality and help him get back the legs and hips of a young puppy. Watching your dog play and race, like they were young again with this simple solution, is surely gonna make you and your dog happy. Just like their human counterparts, dogs go through tougher times as they mature, and their knees, elbows, and joints tend to slow down. Their ligaments tend to break out, triggering arthritis, and their hips begin to give in to debilitating dysplasia.

That's why it's vital to give your best friend the love and treatment they deserve to live a happy and healthy life away from pain. With FurroLandia hemp advanced hip and joint dog supplement, you can do just that.

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With thousands of reviews and a 4.7-star average rating, pet lovers everywhere seem to really agree that these chews are one of the best Hemp For Dogs products, to treat Hip & Joint pain, on the market today. Let's have a look at some amazing features which make this product a standout in the market for the best hip and joint treats for dogs.


powerful benefits effective hip + joint support

Relieves Joint Pain

FurroLandia's Hemp supplements are made with hemp extract and Glucosamine components, which have been shown to alleviate chronic joint and hip pain and delay the degeneration of collagen. Hemp has also been shown to have a natural soothing effect on humans, while glucosamine for dogs will help the pet get much-needed relief from the ails of constant joint pain. These chews are particularly appropriate for active dogs, aged dogs, and working breeds.

Perfect Package

Each jar of FurroLandia's Hemp Hip & Joint dog mobility chew comes with 170 chews—so that your beloved pet will have enough supplies for a long time to come. These bite-sized snacks are also produced in the USA, with high extract amounts, which leads to lower dosage—each container lasts longer than the average.

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In addition, it also contains Turmeric, one of the active compounds in these remedies that improve digestive wellbeing by allowing your furry friend to properly consume vitamins from food and also helps minimize inflammation in the intestine.

tasty natural flavors

Tasty Natural Flavors

There's no reason to hide these hemp chews in your dog's diet, they're going to love them so much that they will have it as a treat. FurroLandia's hemp snacks are made of raw, delicious ingredients that your partner would love. They also have more actual ingredients than additives, meaning your best pal can get more of the nutrients he wants.

It contains natural ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, and hyaluronic acid, which are some of the greatest fighters in dogs' joint supplements. This combination of raw hip and joint supplement also uses 8000 mg of hemp extracts.

aids collagen production

Aids Collagen Production

Chronic joint pain has a significant impact on the quality and length of life of your furry partner. Luckily, FurroLandia's hemp chews are made with hemp extract and glucosamine components that have been shown to alleviate chronic joint and hip pain and slow down collagen degeneration. Collagen is a protein present between the joints that cushions the bones from scratching and helps to spread weight and effect around the joints properly. With FurroLandia's Hemp Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs, you can keep your dogs around peacefully even into old age.


  • Produced in the United States

  • Fewer Additives, more authentic ingredients.

  • Large extract count, so each bottle lasts longer than normal.

  • Soothes joint pain with natural ingredients in less time

  • Nice flavors

  • Supports hips and joint health with naturally calming effects

  • High efficacy

According to customer reviews, the effectiveness and time for these chews to produce a noticeable positive effect seem to vary depending on each individual dog. Some seem to show signs of relief rapidly, while others may take longer to take effect. However, the overwhelming response from pet owners is that they notice an almost immediate improvement in their dog's agility.


  • Expensive

  • Small-sized container

  • Rare itching and bleeding sores observed

powerful blend of ingredients

Although there are many positive reviews about the product, yet very few customers including one complaint about the product causing bad itching and his dog broke out to bleeding sores as it's recommended that the supplements are for older age dogs and this complaint was made by an owner of a five-year-old dog. There was also another complaint about the chews being missing in the jar and that the size of the container could not hold 170 chews in place. Well, with tons of positive reviews, it's fair to say that these hip and joint chews are worth trying!

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supplement facts

To sum it up, FurroLandia Hemp Hip & Joint dog agility chews offer an all-natural alternative to alleviate pain and promote safe joint function and is among the best hemp hip and joint supplements available in the market today for dogs. Even with some unwanted effects from the use of this product, it continues to be well appreciated by many other owners and their pets who prefer to reap the benefits of this treatment.

That being said, we would like to see progress on the documented problems associated with these chews, as well as on the manufacturer's willingness to produce what they committed to their customers. Till, these chews are a wonder worker, inspiring dogs to get back up on their feet, encouraging them to run. Experience going back to your dog's childhood days, and have the fun you once had.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. These chews even boost your canine's overall health, leading him further into his later years. With this product, you can spend a lot more time with your best friend and give him the happier and safe life that he deserves!

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Note: The information given here is not intended to be any kind of medical diagnosis. We are not doctors, but we are fellow dog lovers. Any information given in these articles is meant to be for educational purposes only. As with anything, we advise that you try any new product in a small amount and see how your pet reacts. Pets are living biological beings just like humans, so they may not necessarily react the same. It is possible for a pet to have an allergic reaction. Please don't load them up with a new product without paying attention to how they react.


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