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Cancer is indeed a human nightmare, affecting approximately 1.8 million people. But this health complication is not only present in humans, as it also impacts pets and livestock. The Veterinary Cancer Society estimates 1 in 4 dogs will eventually develop cancer, and almost 50% of dogs over age 10 will develop cancer. Just like humans can develop different forms of cancer in any area of the body, dogs, cats, poultry, and several other types of animals are also susceptible.

Consequently, pets and livestock owners continue to be responsible for the emotional and physical wellbeing of their pets and livestock. They need to acknowledge that prevention is safer than treatment. However, not all pet owners are in a place to assist in preventing their canines, feline, or other animals from having cancer. The health complication sometimes already holds sway before people get the animal in their care. This situation is typically common among animals adopted from shelters. Often times there is a need for proven effective care for a dogs cancer.

While there may be many similarities in treatment for different types of animals, in this article we will explore how CBD can benefit a dogs cancer fight at any point. The effects of using CBD will be discussed, but let's first have a look at what CBD is and where it is derived from.

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CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis plants (Cannabaceae), such as Hemp and Marijuana. Most of the properties which make up this chemical compound are medicinal. Consequently, drugs made from non-adulterated and good extracts of cannabidiol will cure multiple emotional and physical health conditions.

You should always know what you are getting; in most situations, CBD oil does not possess delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. Marijuana contains high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. Hemp is the opposite; it contains high levels of CBD and low traces of THC. Therefore, most CBD oils are extracted from hemp and not marijuana. When doing you your research and finding a high quality CBD product, you can be sure that your dog will not get high when taking a dose of CBD. Therefore you won't have to worry about your dog tuning out for hours, turning on a chill-out playlist, and raiding the fridge.


Not all dog cancers are the same. Although these are not the only five forms of cancer in dogs, here are the most common ones:

  • Bone Cancer

  • Hemangiosarcoma

  • Lymphoma

  • Mast Cell Tumor

  • Melanoma

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Now that you are hopefully a little more informed about what CBD is and the types of cancers it can treat, lets talk about the specifics of the CBD products and cancer treatments.

CBD can be administered to dogs in several ways. The options include such products as salve, treats, tablets, and tinctures (oils). While it's impossible to say that one approach is better than the other, the efficiency of the form would be dependent on the health issue in question. For example, when coping with pain and irritation in particular parts of the body, balms, salves, lotions, and other topical types are highly beneficial. This is because they have close interaction with the infected parts, making it faster for the cannabinoid receptors to function. However, when coping with extremely critical health conditions such as cancer, there is a need for an ability to interact with the bloodstream, which may be better suited for an ingestion product such as treats or oils.

The possibility of the bioavailability of drugs could also be high. or Laman’s terms, the ability of the CBD to enter the blood stream and reach it’s intended target. As far as the use of CBD in dogs is concerned, oils are the strongest in this respect. By ingesting the oils, the CBD can enter the blood stream at a much quicker rate, reach its destination very fast, and ensure that a better dose of CBD has been received.

When cancer attacks, dogs are forced to battle extremely draining side effects. It can be difficult to fight cancer every day, but CBD can help make the journey a little more relaxed. Just like the option to use prescribed marijuana to deal with discomfort related to our wellbeing, CBD oil can be used in the same manner for dogs. In a similar way, CBD is like medicinal marijuana for dogs with cancer without the intoxicating affects. CBD effectively deals with dog cancer in two major ways.

  • It offers symptom relief

  • It is a botanical extract supplemental care option

symptoms and relief for a dogs cancer


One of the most attractive aspects of using CBD for a dogs cancer is that it can help to facilitate pain relief for dogs suffering discomfort. There are several different adverse effects not only of cancer itself but also of the procedures used to treat cancer in dogs. The symptoms that a dog experiences will be different for each dog, but some of the most prominent symptoms of dog cancer are:

● Increased bumps under the skin

● Difficulty breathing after a workout

● Hard time breathing while resting

● Snorting or symptoms of sleep apnea

● Strange scents coming from the lips

● Dry mouth

● Open wounds that cannot cure on their own

● Little or no hunger at all

● Increased interest in getting favorite treats

● Problems while urinating

● Continuous pain and discomfort

● Disturbed sleeping patterns

● Inactiveness and anxiety



It is crucial to note that this is not a cancer treatment. To be clearer, CBD cannot treat tumors in dogs. It will not stop cancer cells from developing, nor will it stop the growth of metastatic cancer cells in dogs. Instead of being a cure, CBD is a means of alleviating the not-so-great side effects of cancer therapy and help alleviate cancer causing pain and discomforts.

From chemotherapy and radiation to potential surgical removals and amputations, medical choices for dogs with cancer can become very serious. CBD may be thought of as a safe coping system. By easing pain and reducing discomfort, CBD can help keep your dog happy when attending cancer care treatment.


When dogs get freed from battling cancer cells in their bodies, they enter a remission process. The expectation is that your dog will remain in remission for the rest of his or her life. As beneficial as this is for cancerous dogs, please contact your dog's veterinarian before you regularly administer CBD to your pet.

Researchers and experts are now seeking to thoroughly understand how CBD communicates with the dog's endocannabinoid mechanism. The endocannabinoid system, abbreviated as the ECS, is an internal network—just like the immune system or the lymphatic system, to name a few examples—that specializes in the degradation of cannabis molecules.


Listed here are some of the reasons why CBD oil is a perfect choice for the treatment of your dogs cancer:

Natural Treatment

This therapy choice uses little or no inorganic supplements. This is vital because staying natural and holistic is a healthier way to cope with a situation like cancer.

Painless Treatment

To be honest, this is something to rejoice for. Other options such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and the cancer itself all offer a certain level of pain and discomfort. Alternatively, CBD therapy is extremely effective without causing any additional harm or unknown side effects. So, with this option, you won’t cause any harm to their fight to subdue a cancerous cell.

The potential of CBD to alleviate both pain and inflammation is quite well known. It can also improve mechanisms for other types of pain killers, enabling doctors to administer fewer of these drugs without sacrificing the patient's comfort. Besides, evidence has suggested a good safety profile for CBD in humans and dogs, with very little or no more serious side effects than most pain relief drugs typically recommended by veterinarians for your dogs.

Can be aligned with other treatment choices

In the event that you see grounds for opting for another cancer care option, you can also use CBD as a backup to your major treatment option. Besides accelerating the healing and regeneration process, it also serves as a pain reliever.

Little or no side effects

While still considered as an experimental drug by the FDA, minimal to no adverse effects have been found to be present. The same cannot be said for the most successful treatment options for cancer and medications.

Boosts the Immune Mechanism

We now understand that the endocannabinoid process and the immune system are tightly interlinked. This interaction is so intense that some experts have coined the term "immunocannabinoid system" for these interrelated processes.

Although these are not the only five forms of cancer in dogs, here are the most common ones We now understand that the endocannabinoid process and the immune system are tightly interlinked. This interaction is so intense that some experts have coined the term "immunocannabinoid system" for these interrelated processes.

CBD has been known for its potential to minimize oxidative stress, an essential mechanism linked to the ability of the body to resist invasive pathogens without further targeting and destroying healthy tissues.

In addition, cannabinoids may help to control good intestinal activity, which is often related to immune health.

Helps with Nausea and Hunger

Unfortunately, the most frequent side effects of cancer therapy in dogs include issues with establishing a healthy appetite and persistent fatigue that can lead to anorexia. A metabolic condition known as cancer-induced cachexia (the loss of fat and muscle due to a chronic disease) can be triggered by multiple types of cancer. It can also induce an extreme lack of appetite and be the cause of as much as 20% of deaths.

One of the main reasons why a lot of oncologists are optimistic about incorporating cannabis-based medication into a full clinical regimen is the advantages that multiple cannabinoids provide for enhancing appetite and nausea in your dogs.

happy mood after cancer treatment


To sum it up, making sure that your pet is in the highest emotional and physical health is your responsibility. You should be receptive to solutions that will help you out in doing this.

We can conclude that CBD for dogs, while not yet scientifically established, has a beneficial impact on their quality of life. CBD can aid in the management of pain, including the alleviation of everyday cancer pain in dogs. Although CBD oil has not been proven nor disproved to shrink cancer cells, dogs with cancer may feel relieved of its painful side effects by daily use of CBD products.

Before you indulge in some treatment form outside of pharmaceuticals, particularly when coping with cancer cells or cancer in dogs, be sure to do your homework on any side effects that it can have on your precious furry partners. Use CBD for your dog’s battling cancer but do it with proper care and be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

For more information about hemp for dogs check out our this article: Hemp For Dogs: All You Need To Know

Note: The information given here is not intended to be any kind of medical diagnosis. We are not doctors, but we are fellow dog lovers. Any information given in these articles are meant to be for educational purposes only. As with anything, we advise that you try any new product in a small amount and see how your pet reacts. Pets are living biological beings just like humans, so they may not necessarily react the same. It is possible for a pet to have an allergic reaction. Please don't load them up with a new product without paying attention to how they react.


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