How to take care of your dog amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

Updated: Feb 20

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The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately forced us all to dig indoors, which lead to re-imagining our interaction with our friends and families. Being isolated or locked-down during the quarantine can mean going weeks without face-to-face social connection, contributing to feelings of alienation and depression. The best part is that dog owners will use this opportunity to re-imagine their friendship with their canine pets and transform them into one of their best life companions.

Pet lovers and owners are having a difficult time on pet welfare issues, food stocks, and pet walks. As of now, the lockdown appears to be calming but visits to daily vets still appear to be a distant memory now, because of limited travel and strict measures that need to be considered as a must. But when hope seems to be fading, our pets are the ones that get us through this quarantine with something amusing, something adorable through their love and devotion and cheerful wags.

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Dogs have a remarkable opportunity to give their owners an infinite amount of affection and emotional encouragement. They offer an opportunity for fun and games while adding a lot of joy and levity to your home to hold you in the current moment rather than fretting on an unknown future. Indeed, research has shown that dogs provide warmth that is at least comparable to that of a close friend.

How to properly take care of your dogs in this situation

A lot of you need some professional tips about how to keep your dogs safe and away from sick dog symptoms. Here are a few do's and don't for you to know in order to make sure your dog remains safe through those periods.

natrition and hydration

Nutrition and Hydration

A few pet startups also provide wet food alternatives for dogs in various varieties along with health care providers. Look for organic, home-made selections, as this means that your pet eats nutritious food. They also provide customized menu schedules for your pet, based on their species, age, and weight. Also, ensure you consult with your vet first before transitioning your pet to a new diet instead of causing uncalled dog illness.

Play Time

No matter how enjoyable it is, seeing awesome pet videos all day long is not a healthy activity even if it means 100% attachment to your fuzzy animal. Researchers recommend making fun videos of your own pet with yourself and taking a quick walk outside during the day where there's less risk of being in contact with strangers. You should also explore obstacle courses and dog games at home to keep them entertained.

Meeting with the vet and Vaccination

Vet appointments and vaccines are important items that cannot be ignored for your dog and help in catering dog illness and sickness symptoms. Pandemic has turned us into a modern world, and now you can reach out directly to vets online to get answers about your pet's wellbeing.

You can even book a Vet On Call service to stop commuting and also have a vet tour your home to discuss your pet's welfare issues as pet health treatment, diet and medications are included with vital services. Keep the contact information of the vet along with the vital support number for animals in crisis handy. Keep records of your pet's vaccine routine and deworming regimen to make sure your dogs are up to date with their vaccines.

Failure to vaccinate your dog is not a choice in COVID. Recognize that vaccines shield your pet from easily infectious and dangerous viruses and increase the general quality of life of your pet.

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