PetHonesty Allergy Relief Immunity Supplement for Dogs

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Give your dog the allergy relief he needs

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pethonesty allergy relief immunity supplement for dog

How many of you have experienced seeing your dog starting to have itchy skin? If so, you must have been wondering why, if there are no signs of fleas or any other strange bugs, that this is happening. So you decided to take your dog to the vet to have it checked out and it turns out to be an allergy that your poor dog has been suffering from! Who would have thought that animals could suffer from allergies too?

In general, allergies in dogs are somewhat similar to humans and very common. So If you are looking around for something safe and healthy to help your dog with his allergies, you should try Pet Honesty: Allergy Relief & Immunity supplement for your furry friend.

This is honestly an incredible treat available online and the best allergy relief for dogs. This product will ensure that your dog stops itching. It's a great purchase, full of all sorts of goodness for your closest buddy. With tens of thousands of reviews and a 4.2-star average rating, pet lovers everywhere seem to really agree that these chews are at the top of their list as one of the best Hemp For Dogs products, to treat canine Allergies, on the market today.

Give a massive boost to your pup's immune system with PetHonesty: Allergy Relief & Immunity Supplements. These all-natural chews relieve seasonal, environmental, food, and skin allergies with ingredients such as colostrum, probiotics, vitamin C, turmeric, and natural wild Alaskan salmon oil.

They also comprise probiotics to cure poor intestinal health and a weakened immune system. With no added GMOs, wheat, corn, soy or preservatives, PetHonesty: Allergy Relief & Immunity Dog Supplements are harmless for your companion as it is useful for allergy relief for your dog.

seasonal allergies

Addresses the underlying cause of the allergy

To offer long-lasting allergy relief for your dog, PetHonesty: Allergy Relief & Immunity Dog Supplements incorporate potent ingredients from plant sources to enhance digestion and strengthen the immune system. These allergy-relieving supplements do not just offer a fast cure; they also discuss the root triggers of allergies, which can boost your dog's general wellbeing. By enhancing the quality of life of your dog, you will spend much more time and extra enjoyable days together.

More than Allergy Relief

PetHonesty: Allergy Relief & Immunity Dog Supplements harness the ability of all-natural ingredients to react to both internal and external reactions. If your furry friend has constant paw licking, persistent ear infections, skin wounds, scratchy or red skin spots, then your dog might be suffering from an allergy. If the allergy is caused by seasonal weather or food, these chews can provide a fast acting treatment to your dog's allergies in no time.

more active ingredients and no harmful fillers

Quality Ingredients with No added preservatives

PetHonesty: Allergy Relief & Immunity Dog Supplements include natural wild Alaskan salmon oil, which contains essential fatty acids to boost the dog's immune system as well as to alleviate inflammation from allergies and itchy hot spots. The PetHonesty team also claims that there are no toxic or lab-made ingredients in their products to provide the safest diet for your precious pets.

natural ingredients

Tasty treats to treat your dog

The finest ingredients in the world won't really matter if your dog doesn't like them. PetHonesty supplements come in quantities of 90 and are naturally flavored with real chicken, pumpkin, or duck for a taste that will take over even the fussiest eaters. They're smooth, bite-sized, and delicious, so offering your mate an allergy relief or probiotic supplement probably wouldn't feel like a struggle.


PetHonesty: Allergy Relief & Immunity Dog Supplements have the ability to treat a multitude of typical dog issues. These include:

  • Improvement to gut and digestive health.

  • It helps boost your dog's immune system.

  • Addresses root causes of allergies by reducing histamine response to allergens.

  • Helps alleviate symptoms of allergies, including itching, watery eyes, wheezing, excessive skin biting, paw licking, etc.

  • Reduces diarrhea, vomiting, and unhealthy bowel movements. In turn, helping your dog digest food and absorb nutrients better.

One of the fascinating parts about PetHonesty products is that they are made in the U.S. with only the highest quality ingredients and packaging that ensures that your furry partner will be getting the best quality product.

Some more benefits include:

  • Natural Products.

  • Free of synthetic additives and artificial preservatives.

  • Delicious taste.

  • Works really well to alleviate the allergy of dogs.

  • Transparent labels that specifically show all added ingredients.

  • GMP Certified.


  • Can be costly.

  • No international shipping

  • Less quantity

  • Don't smell great

According to some users, these chews had some very adverse side effects, like worsening rash and asthma symptoms, which were just the reverse of what they had promised to do. That being said, this has been the case with only a handful of customers and has overwhelmingly been successful in the fight against allergies of most dogs.

Formulated for dog of all ages , breeds & sizes

Such undesired consequences include dogs experiencing diarrhea and vomiting events, with owners claiming that their pets were ill after taking these supplements. Owing to this incident, owners faced substantial vet bills that they did not expect while feeding their dogs with allergy supplements. But still, it's a sporadic occurrence, which can be caused either by the product being expired or a reaction to a specific dog.

Just like using any other supplement, I would caution dog owners to strictly follow the guidelines on the container. Like humans, every dog will react differently to a product. So I'd recommend that you try a limited dosage of these drugs on your dog to make sure they don't have any significant side effects until giving a full dose. Just so you know, I am not a vet or any other kind of doctor but only a dog owner giving my advice.

product info & feeding instructions


To sum it up, I would have to say with full surety that PetHonesty: Allergy Relief & Immunity Dog Supplements offer a safe way to relieve your dogs from allergies. Just using the right natural products, these allergy supplements are intended to give your pet the relief it needs without any concern about preservatives or GMOs. They're also a perfect way to boost your dog's general wellbeing without breaking the bank.

With that being said, PetHonesty's Allergy Relief Immune supplements had significant success in supplying the dogs with the support they wanted. Even with its undesired consequences, it is also an excellent supplement that pet owners should provide to their dogs so that they can enjoy a happy and healthy existence.

Frequently Asked Questions for PetHonesty

What are PetHonesty products made from?

Premium ingredients! From sourcing to manufacturing PetHonesty only works with effective, quality, premium ingredients whose benefits are backed by nutritional science research and testing. From hand-picked fruits to superfoods and dog-specific probiotics we use the best that nature has to offer to make soft chews dogs love and that will change their lives.

Are PetHonesty products safe?

All of PetHonesty’s soft chew treat supplements are manufactured in a huge (215,000 square feet kind of huge!) FDA registered facility right here in the U.S.A. The facility follows all GMP guidelines and is SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 3 certified and APHIS-approved for multiple countries.

So, what does all that mean in “normal people speak” you ask?

It means we follow the strictest safety and health standards and our production facility is routinely inspected to ensure we’re not cutting corners and that everything is up to sniff…..oops, we mean snuff! In fact, SQF Level 3 is one of the most important certifications you can have and is the highest standard a production facility can obtain when it comes to making treats for your pets.

Are PetHonesty products a part of the raw food diet?

During manufacturing, PetHonesty uses a unique no-heat cooking method for our soft chews that ensure the quality and efficacy of all the ingredients we pack into our delicious treats is not compromised. This means that key ingredients we use like probiotics and glucosamine retain their original nutritional value and health benefits found in their raw form before going through the manufacturing process.

No-heat cooking is rare and not the normal standard when it comes to soft-chew manufacturing and gives our customers’ dogs treats that both taste delicious and actually work!

I know PetHonesty is a newer brand, why should I trust them?

When it comes to experience making treats and supplements that both taste good AND work for your pet, we’re light years ahead. Our manufacturing team has a combined 75 years of experience in the pet and animal health industry which includes product development and formulation as well as production.

I’ve never tried pet supplements before, where should I start?

PetHonesty’s 10-for-1 Multivitamin with Glucosamine soft chews are a great all-around daily multivitamin that act like treats to support your dog’s nutritional needs and support a healthy immune system. These chews also contain glucosamine for joint support and a variety of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals your dog needs, including but not limited to Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Niacin, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B1, Zinc and Biotin.

Get a free jar on all orders of $49+ from PetHonesty with code FREE49 all February long!


The information given here is not intended to be any kind of medical diagnosis. We are not doctors, but we are fellow dog lovers. Any information given in these articles are meant to be for educational purposes only. As with anything, we advise that you try any new product in a small amount and see how your pet reacts. Pets are living biological beings just like humans, so they may not necessarily react the same. It is possible for a pet to have an allergic reaction. Please don't load them up with a new product without paying attention to how they react.


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