Top 5 Ways To Get Positive Behavior From Your Dogs!

Updated: Feb 20

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positive behavior with dogs

Let's admit it. Playing with your dogs is enjoyable and simple, but no matter how much you enjoy your furry buddy, it can't always be fun and play with him. There are occasions when it will become important to punish him for misbehaving and get him to abide by the rules of your home. But how will that happen? Luckily, positive dog behavior training will help!

Every dog owner knows this—no matter how much you enjoy cuddling and playing with your pet, discipline will inevitably become important. Trying to deal with negative attitudes should be followed by positive reinforcement, whether dealing with a young puppy or an adult dog. Many studies show that positive encouragement is an effective way to teach dogs, particularly when young.

What is positive dog behavior?

In simple terms, positive reinforcement is a strategy in which you reward your dog for the actions you like and avoid it for the behavior you don't like. Positive reinforcement strategies should never punish or scare your animals. Fear only creates short-term effects and can traumatize them.

Through positive reinforcement, you will praise your dog for good behavior and disregard them for undesirable behavior. By doing this, you're relaying to your dog that certain actions are appropriate and others are not. Often, it's really nice if you can show your dogs the action you want them to do. For example, if your dog jumps on you and you reject the action, he discovers that he's not going to get positive feedback. If you ask him to sit down and pet him, he will learn that a pet will be got by sitting, not jumping.

Positive dog behavior methods help you to discipline your dog without intimidating it. The last thing you want to accomplish is to make your dog scared of you. Keep in mind that they have feelings and emotions just like you and me.


Why is it so essential to train your dog?

No matter what their age is, almost all dogs will benefit from basic obedience training. Educating your dog with basic instructions such as sit, stay, and come helps you feel better and in charge of your dog. A well-trained dog is going to be much easier to walk and introduce to families and friends.

Dog behavior training is perhaps the perfect way to get in touch with your puppy. Canines love to learn new skills! Training can be a perfect way to please your curiosity.

How to foster positive behavior in dogs?

The most important thing is knowing the best way to encourage your dog to learn positive habits. This will ultimately save you a lot of hassle and help your puppy mature into a well-mannered family member.

When you train your dog, the trick is to give him a lot of praise. If your dog loves treats, it might be a good way to encourage him to learn and practice those habits. Of course, over time, you're going to lower the treats and compliment them more. It's important that this not be done all at once, rather begin lowering them as he behaves more appropriately. Begin using the treats as he does something in a better manner, such as sitting the first time. Then keep them from him if you have to tell him again. Just like a child, over time he will realize that you are more pleased with him if you only have to say it once.

Top 5 tips for promoting good behavior in your puppy!

spending time with dog

1. Spend more time with your dog